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Our Services


We have the Best Warranty in North America

All repairs include Peace of Mind Warranty

24 months or 40,000 km

●    General Vehicle Maintenance
●    Preventative Maintenance Program (as per          manufacturer’s recommendations)
●    New Car Warranty Maintenance
●    Napa Autopro 10 year / 400,000km Limited          Engine & Driveline Warranty
●    Maintenance Tune Up Service
●    Government Safety Inspections
●    Diagnostics
●    Towing
●    Shuttle Services
●    Tires and Tire Repair
●    Alignment
●    Suspension and Steering
●    Brakes
●    Lube, Oil, Filter

  • Fluid Services:  Transmission, Radiator, Brake and Power Steering

  • Exhaust

  • Batteries

  • Electrical

  • Heating and Cooling System Maintenance

  • Air Conditioning

  • Drive Train and Differential Service

  • Drip-less Undercoating

  • Windshield Service

  • Light Duty Diesel

  • Trailer Services and Repair

  • GM specialist on staff

  • Electric Vehicle Repair Certified

Towing Service Available

Got a funny noise? Not sure how to describe it?

Download NAPA AUTOPRO’s  “Tell Us Where It Hurts” brochure. It’s a handy way to describe vehicle symptoms to us!

Notice to our Customers

It is not mandatory that you return your vehicle to an authorized dealership in order to maintain the integrity of your vehicle warranty.

Here are some things you should know:


  • In each province in Canada, all automotive service professionals, dealerships or otherwise, must meet the same criteria in order to practice their trade

  • The replacement components used by this establishment to service your vehicle meets or exceeds the specifications of the components manufactured by the automakers parts suppliers.

  • Consumer protection legislation in Canada favors the consumer.  Dealerships cannot restrict the choice of where your vehicle is serviced for regular maintenance.

In order to maintain the integrity of your warranty, the maintenance schedule outlined in your vehicles owner’s manual (or your extended warranty coverage contract) must be followed and documented.


As your chosen automotive service and repair specialist, we will ensure the maintenance schedule for your vehicle is followed.  We will also ensure that any required warranty repairs are undertaken promptly by the appropriate repair facility.

All systems on a vehicle have a life cycle such as fluids, brakes, tires and belts.

If your service provider was to monitor these systems at least twice per year then you would be able to plan and budget for upcoming services and expenses

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