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Customer Testimonials

What are customers saying about Butterworth's Service Centre?

Claudia Ray Gent

I had my van serviced at Butterworths today. At first, I was stressed out as my car was losing power on the 401 until it eventually shut down. The tow driver came within 5 minutes of my call. 
From the moment I arrived at the shop, they were able to quickly respond and confirm the issue. The service managers were very informative and ensured I was aware of the procedures and time it would take for my vehicle repair. 
At the end, all warranties were explained and documented and I have left knowing that my van is once again reliable. 
This shop made me feel very confident in their services and I will definitely return again. 

Thank you Butterworths AutoPro!!

Kyle and Vanessa Hoobin, Antigonish, Nova Scotia

Steve and Cheryl Butterworth of Butterworth's Service Centre in Ingersoll performed a 'mini-miracle' for our family.
After a staying a year in Windsor, we had managed to save up just enough money to make the long trip back home to Nova Scotia. We were on a very tight budget, so we decided to pack up our belongings in a utility trailer we purchased just before leaving Windsor and tow it behind our mini-van. It was a 2,300 km drive from Windsor to Nova Scotia, so I was a bit concerned about the stability of the trailer. We had a lot of stuff and didn't want to leave any of it behind.
We assumed everything with the trailer was in safe working order.
The first day of the trip seemed to be cursed from the beginning. The morning we were set to leave Windsor, our van wouldn't start, so we needed a jumpstart from CAA.
Once we finally got on the road, there were unusually high winds which made the trailer tarps flap violently and come loose, so I had to pull over several times. Then, after a short while, we started having other drivers wave at us trying to tell us something about our trailer.
I thought the other drivers were just trying to comment on the enormous load we were pulling, not that there was something wrong with the trailer.
It wasn't until one motorist pulled up close on the 401 and yelled that one of the trailer wheel bearings was loose that we decided to turn off at the next exit to assess the situation.
I noticed the wheel looked like it was wobbling as it turned, but everything felt secure and snug when I touched it.
Nonetheless, we decided to heed the warnings from the other drivers and found ourselves driving through the town of Ingersoll to find a mechanic.
It looked like a small town, and it was already 5 p.m. so we were afraid that every mechanic was going to be closed for the day. We pulled into one garage parking lot and asked a mechanic who was leaving for the day if there was anybody around who might still be open. He said he didn't think so and wished us luck.
We pulled into Butterworth's Service Centre and that's when the miracle started to happen.
We pulled in and saw that the garage was closed for the day but noticed a mechanic walking away from the building. I asked if he could offer his opinion on the state of our trailer's wheels and he agreed and asked us to pull along the side of the building.
He (Steve) was obviously tired from a long day of work, but he seemed to have a twinkle in his eye that made us feel like he might be able to help us in some way.
It looked like his wife was waiting for him in their car to go home, but he must have asked her to leave without him.
Eventually, Mr. Butterworth gave us his assessment.
He told me there was too much weight. I felt a bit silly but I knew how determined we were to bring everything with us. He jacked the trailer up and pulled the wheels off to show me what was going on. He said the tires we had were only rated for 800 pounds and that we were probably pulling about 1,400. Then he showed me one of the hubs did not match up with the tire rim properly. Immediately I was concerned about the safety of my family as I had my wife and two sons on board.
I told Steve that I needed it to be safe and asked what the cheapest-safe way to fix the problem was. I could tell from his expression that there was not likely a 'cheap' fix for what needed to be done, but he tried calling around to source some used parts knowing that our budget was an issue.
It was getting late and Steve knew that we were tired too, so he pulled out a map of the hotels in Ingersoll to help us find a place to stay for the night. I was continually impressed at how gracious he was, he seemed to really want to help.
We stayed the night in Ingersoll and left the trailer with Steve for the night.
When we got to the hotel, we locked our keys in the van and had to call CAA again. That felt like the perfect ending to the day we were having.
The next morning, I got a call from Steve saying that our trailer would be ready in about three hours. Immediately I was worried about the expense.
When we pulled into the service centre, we were stunned to see brand new wheels on the trailer which made us even more concerned about the price. We were expecting the worst.
I went up to the counter and told one of the servicemen who I was. He pulled out the invoice for the work and said Steve said he wanted to help us out, so don't worry about it (the bill).
At first I thought I had misheard, so I asked him to clarify, and sure enough he told me I didn't have to pay anything. I was stunned, and then he showed me what would have been the bill of $400 not including labour.
Mr. Butterworth had put brand new hubs on the trailer and replaced the wheels with ones that were rated for much higher weight capacity.
Then I was approached by Steve's wife Cheryl who told him that they like to help out young families when they can with the hopes that someone might do the same for their kids if they were in need.
I couldn't believe it. The previous day was full of trials and then something like this happened. I was totally caught off guard. I thanked everyone in the room profusely and asked to see Steve. When I saw him he humbly said, "No problem. Hope this helps you get off to a better start today."
I gave him a big hug and asked if there was anything I could do to say thank you. Steve smiled and replied "I think you landed on my doorstep for a reason. Just pay it forward.
I paid a little bit from our limited savings to say thank you and then we continued safely on our journey with the confidence that our family was going to be safe the rest of the way.
I'm just happy to know that there are people like that still in the world, it gives me a lot of hope for our planet.

Kyle and Vanessa Hoobin, Antigonish, Nova Scotia

What are the customers saying about Butterworth's Service Centre

  • Close to home, good and friendly service.

  • Good service.  Quick appointments.  Good explanation of work done.  Nice folks.

  • Old school, traditional service.

  • The service, the personal care.  I would not trust anyone else with my vehicles.

  • Very professional friendly staff.  Completed work in a timely fashion.  Pick up and drop off your vehicle.  Detailed paperwork of job performed.  Alerting you to any other issues that need attention.  Great place giving peace of mind on car maintenance.

  • Friendly service.  They explain what is wrong with the car and what needs to be done but also explains if you really don't need the service yet. Very honest to deal with.

  • Sounds cliché but it's quite refreshing to deal with such courteous and friendly people, who don't make me feel as though I'm not being scammed.  This is the kind of service centre that is so often too hard to find.  A diamond in the rough.

  • All of the Butterworth's are caring and understanding.  They listen to their clients and do whatever they can to accommodate.

  • The service, the personal care I would not trust anyone else with my vehicles.

  • They are a wonderful group of people and the service is excellent.

  • Friendly, service, competent work, fair prices.

  • Incredible service level, honesty and trustworthiness.

  • Employees and Butterworth managers treat all their clients as it was their family.  They are honest and candid and always take the time to talk to you and explain the service.  For me, it's the fact that their customer service is unparalleled.

  • Superior service and value. 

  • Service

  • Service and follow ups

  • Good Service

  • The people at Butterworth's give you a detailed description of what was done and anything that may be done in the future.

  • Honest, reliable, accessibility and a family tradition.

  • Excellent service, this is a garage I can rust to do the job right.

  • The customer service is excellent and without complaint.

  • Continuous family oriented values.

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