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Frequently Asked Questions


Why maintenance?

  • Maintain the vehicle's warranty

  • Increase the longevity of your vehicle

  • Increase the resale value of your vehicle

  • Reduce the risk and hassle of a breakdown

  • Provide increased safety

  • Provide more peace of mind

  • Gas consumption is often reduced


A well maintained vehicle can keep a harmonious life at home. 


Why 4 snow tires?

Most accidents are caused by the vehicle sliding on black ice.  

If you install winter tires, switch all four tires, not just two.  Using just 2 winter tires can cause the car to spin unexpectedly because of greater traction on only two wheels.


Why should I oil spray?

Not only does it stop rust but it also acts as a lubricant and sound deadener for road noise.  Crucial components like brake and fuel lines won’t fail in emergency situations.


Should I have an annual alignment?

Not only does this service stop tire wear but it increases stability, reduces wear on front-end components and becomes safer to stop in emergency situations.


Increase tire life by making sure your wheels are in alignment.  Wheels will go out of alignment under normal driving conditions, but this will be accelerated by excessively running into bumps and curbs.  If you are experiencing uneven tire wear, ask your technician to rotate your tires.

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